Christmas Maremar Special Menu 2018

This year Christmas has an important feature for family celebrations.

From inauguration in 2018 of Maremar restaurant on Pinedo beach, Christmas will no longer be the same.

Now you have the chance to make so special the family meals on special dates.

Maremar has made a special menu for Christmas day.

Different dishes made with top quality products that will please the whole family and with which you will enjoy with the 5 senses in an incomparable setting.

Special Christmas Day Menu

This year come to Maremar restaurant to enjoy Christmas day with the family.

A meal that you will enjoy with a special menu for everyone’s taste.

The best possible atmosphere for December 25th in the most endearing Christmas celebration this Christmas.

Book as soon as possible so your family does not run out of table on Christmas day.

Call 963 24 88 87 or fill in the following form to make a reservation or request information.

Reservations Christmas Menus 2018


Paseo Marítimo de Pinedo, 20

46012 – Valencia (España)

Teléfono: 963 24 88 87


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